Friday 9 May 2014

100 Worder Consider Other Passengers

100 Worder
Mike Olley
Consider Other Passengers
A G&T spilled in your lap

The man sitting in front on the train holds his face in his hands, but he's not upset. He's using his phone as a mirror to pick a spot. The screen shows his eyes are dead. It's a phone, not a mirror! If he had used a mirror instead of a phone, he would've seen me in the reflection. I pick my spot. The back of his head. The bullet shatters the phone. Shame, it would've been useful for him to call for an ambulance. But not any more, as the man in front holds his face in his hands.

About the Author
Mike Olley made pop videos but gave it all up to live next to a Spanish castle, where he grew cactuses, practised carpentry and wrote strange funny stories. Unable to take the heat any longer, he returned to England with his sense of humour and a half-baked novel. His first collection of short stories is Better. Mike can be found at

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