Monday 28 January 2013

Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Bodies

Patsy Collins

A beaker of orange juice and a milky way

The sun sank low, finally slipping below the horizon. After him came the moon.

As she rose, she looked down on their children. Beautiful combinations of his bright warm light and her cool silent serenity, gazed back. They watched her from every pool and lake, each sea and ocean. Even tinkling streams carried a myriad of their tiny offspring.

She felt wistful that their father was unlikely to ever fully see them. There would be no better chance than tomorrow’s eclipse. For a moment he embraced her, smiling happily at the bright glimmers of smiles on their now darkened faces.

Author Bio
Patsy Collins is a successful short story writer and novelist. You can buy her latest book here:
Two of her stories have been selected for the Best of CafeLit 2012 out soon.

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