Tuesday 1 January 2013

The Best of 2012

The Best of Cafelit 2012

Each year the editor selects her favourite stories from the ones published between October 15th the year before to October 14th and these are published in a paperback collection that will be available from Amazon and usual online retailers. The idea is that the stories will showcase the best of both traditional and experimental fiction that is distinctly 'CafeLit.'
We are delighted to announce that the selection for 2012 as the stories appear are as follows:

Geoff Speckles The Doctor’s Wind
Kathleen Jones Jazz Café
Patsy Collins Small Ones Are More Juicy
Maureen Vincent-Northam Frozen in Time
Roger Noons We all Believe in Father Christmas
Julie-Ann Corrigan A Sweet Tooth at Christmas – a Slice of Paradise
Trevor Belshaw Desperate Measures
Lindsay Bamfield She is Leaving Me
Marie Fullerton Writer’s Block
Gail Aldwin The Shallows
Trevor Belshaw The Visit
Marie Fullerton The Dawning
Melissa Kay Diamond, Mine
Rose Kelland Good Luck, Bad Luck Cat
Charlie Britten Visions
Dorothy Davies Blood on the Rose
Roger Noons Victor
Jessica Cooke Eternity
Dorothy Davies Will you walk with me a way?
Rai Jayne Vincent – A Fairy Tale
Jackie Morrissey These Foolish Things
Sarah Bakewell Chubby Little Cheeks

Julie-Ann Corrigan An Illicit Romance
Philip Mallinson Boiling Point

More information on how to buy the book will be available here. The book will be released early in 2013


  1. Very pleased to learn that my story was one of the selected. A lovely start to the year!Thanks.

  2. Thanks for including me.

    Happy New Year!