Wednesday 30 March 2011



Shan Ellis

Skinny moccachino

A year ago she had walked these old cobbled stoned without a problem and in through the old oak door without a second thought. But that was a year ago, and time had ticked away so slowly, taking away so much.

Holding the withered daffodils tightly she concentrated on a piece of moss that had started to grow in-between the cobbles, its luscious vibrant green out of place between the drab grey of well trodden stones.

How many people had passed before?

How many feet had fallen into the grooves of the flat stones?

Most importantly how many people had stood at this old oaken door, having had their life and soul stripped from them unjustly, shaking their belief system to the core?

With that, she sighed heavily and decided she had no peace with God, and promptly left.

Shan Ellis is a freelance writer from the foothills of Snowdonia, currently studying for a BA in creative writing and literature with the Open University. A published novellist and poet, you can find more of her work at

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