Monday 21 March 2011

Ever Decreasing Circles

by Patsy Collins

'Oh I give up!'
'Don't be like that; you said you wanted to talk.'
'Yes, but this conversation is pointless.'
'We're just going round in circles.'
'Really, what makes you say that?'
'We're not getting anywhere are we? Just doing the same things over and over.'
'I wouldn't say that.'
'I would.'
'You're entitled to your opinion.'
'I am?'
'Of course.'
'But you never listen to me.'
'I do, it's you who doesn't talk to me.'
'What's the point?'
'Don't be like that.'
'We just go round in circles and never get anywhere.'
'That's not true!'
'It is, you never really listen; just keep saying the same things.'
'How d'you know that when you'll never talk to me?'
'I'd talk if you'd listen, really listen.'
'I'm listening now.'
'You are?'
'OK then. I'd like to stop cycling round this track and go on a proper ride - to somewhere, not just back to where we started.'
'But we'd have to go home eventually.'
'Of course.'
'So we'd be where we started.'
'Yes, but we'd have been somewhere.'
'We've been somewhere when we go to the track.'
'Oh I give up!'
'Don't be like that.'

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