Tuesday 11 June 2024

Giza and Beyond by Henry Lewi, mint tea

Standing high on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the young woman laughed and called down to him. He looked up and waved back. She leapt.

  As he spreading her arms and legs wide the wing-suit allowed her to catch the thermals as she glided away from the apex of the pyramid. She felt the freedom of the open air, the freedom of flying, she controlled her flight, and now she controlled her own destiny.

  The flight itself was a thing of beauty; the thermal currents and desert winds allowed her to soar upwards away from the pyramid, until she reached a height where she was able to open her parachute and control her descent, until finally, and safely, she landed in the soft, warm, desert sand. He was there waiting for her as she landed.

 It seemed that the flight had only lasted only a matter of seconds, but she knew that she had now set a new world record, as the first woman to ever perform a successful BASE jump from the top of a pyramid.

She looked at him and gazed up to the shimmering sun as the images dissolved, and the sun itself became a brightly shining light bulb; and then she fully woke, and she was still here, alone in her prison cell, still in Fed Max, still serving her sentence of forty years to life for murder, and she remembered his body slumped lifeless at her feet, and now there was no freedom, no control, no bright sun and no soft landing.


About the author

 Henry is a retired surgeon and member of the Canvey Writers Group. He has published a number of stories on the CafeLit site. Did you enjoy the story? 
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