Sunday 17 December 2023

I Do, I Don’t by Allison Symes, mocha

That song by Bryan Adams, you know the one they used in the Robin Hood film, was playing as I walked out of the church. It was still at No. 1 in the charts and seemed to be there forever. Even now I can’t hear it without thinking back to that day.

I could’ve raised an objection to the marriage but if you really love someone, you don’t hurt them, do you? Best to walk away and let them get on with it.

Looking back, it was for the best. I hear now they’ve divorced after bitter rows, the contents of which were all over the gossip pages.

I thought I was doing him a favour. Maybe I was doing myself one.

I smile as I hand a mocha to my Derek. Neither of us are going to win any prizes in the looks department but we appreciate kindness. We’ve been together for twenty years now.

And whenever that song comes on, it’s a race between the pair of us to switch the radio off until it has finished. Makes us smile every time.

Deep down, I know I dodged a bullet. Rewards for doing the right thing aren’t always obvious.

Funny thing is Derek has never told me why he loathes the song. Something tells me I’m right not to ask. We’re happy as we are. That will do.

About the author 

 Allison Symes, who loves quirky fiction, is published by Chapeltown Books, CafeLit, and Bridge House Publishing. She writes for Chandler’s Ford Today and Writers’ Narrative. 




Her flash fiction collections are From Light to Dark and Back Again and Tripping The Flash Fantastic

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