Sunday 31 December 2023

Christmas Crumbs by Mari Philips, a glass of milk

“You won’t forget the biscuits for Santa, will you mum?” Janey said. John sniffed and curled his lips. He was beyond all that rubbish. His mother flashed him that look. The don’t you dare look. He wandered off. Janey! Sisters! In fact, all girls. They were silly and believed in all sorts. John knew better. He was ready for big school.

On Christmas morning he lay still. Desperate to go downstairs and open his presents, but he really wanted Janey to go first. He waited until he heard the patter of her slippers on the stairs and crept quietly behind her. She ran to the table. There were dregs of milk in the glass and just a few crumbs left on the plate. He had considered leaving the biscuits uneaten, but he loved his sister.


About the author

Mari lives in Leeds, writes mostly flash fiction, with several published in CaféLit, and is working on a couple of ‘longer’ short stories. She also occasionally dabbles in poetry. She is a keen singer and sometime traveller. 

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