Wednesday 11 October 2023

IT by Maxine Flam, cold tea

 It came while the world went about its daily business.


At first, no one gave It any thought.


First, in one spot and quickly hurrying to the next, It spread far and wide consuming everything in Its path all the while governments made decisions they thought were right to combat It.


For the good of the whole, It caused individuals to have their freedom curtailed.

Clergy spoke out against It. They were quoted as saying, “On behalf of the people, the religions of the world proclaim this is a time of sorrow. That the good of the many outweigh the good of the few.” So, on this statement alone, the government evoked martial law.


People were laid off because their places of business closed. Others who could work from home did but still worried about losing everything. Panic ensued. The stock market dropped 1000 points.


It just smiled.


People descended on stores like locust buying everything in sight.


It was delighted as It watched the chaos.


Radio, TV, and Internet fueled the frenzy with an over abundance of information, most of it bogus.


It laughed.


It continued marching forward until the whole world was consumed.


People prayed in their homes as they were no longer allowed to congregate in places of worship. They were confused and could no longer hear the direction they needed to survive. Cemeteries closed their gates except to bury the dead. No longer could people congregate in sorrow.


It rejoiced.


It came and the world couldn’t cope with Its coming.


It wasn’t a disease or a plague.


It was FEAR.


About the author 

Since becoming disabled in 2015, Maxine took up her passion for writing. She has been published several times in the Los Angeles Daily News op-ed section, The Epoch Times, Nail Polish Stories, DarkWinterLit, BrightFlashLiterary Review, OtherwiseEngagedLit, and CafeLit


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