Wednesday 8 June 2022

The Sleeping Princess by Dawn Knox, cocoa


‘Kiss her? What d’you mean kiss her? She’s asleep! I’m not going to touch her! What on earth are you thinking?’

‘But you’re the prince! She’s the sleeping princess. You’ve got to kiss her or she won’t wake up and she’s already been asleep for a hundred years. She needs a break!’

‘Forget it, buster! The last time I kissed a sleeping princess, it took weeks for the bruises to go down. And after that piercing scream, my ear drums have never been the same.’


‘No, forget it. She looks pretty peaceful to me. Let’s leave her to it.’

About the author

  Dawn’s two previous books in the Chronicles Chronicles series are The Basilwade Chronicles and The Macaroon Chronicles both published by Chapeltown Publishing. The Crispin Chronicles is coming soon! You can follow her here on on Twitter: Amazon Author:

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