Saturday 18 June 2022

Don’t Mess with the Skinny Boy by Dawn Knox, Irn Bru

John cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled at the skinny boy. ‘Well, look who it isn’t! Did Mummy let you out on your own, then?’

‘Don’t get mud on your shiny shoes! Mummy might tell you off!’ Michael wagged a mocking finger.

‘Is that a twig he’s waving at us?’ John asked.

‘Dunno. What you gonna do with that then, Skinny?’ Michael shouted.

A flash of lightning streaked from the end of the stick and crackled through the air towards the bullies.

‘Ribbett, ribbett?’ said John.

‘Croak?’ replied Michael.

The skinny boy lowered his wand and sauntered off.

About the author 

 Dawn’s three previous books in the Chronicles Chronicles series are The Basilwade Chronicles, The Macaroon Chronicles and The Crispin Chronicles'published by Chapeltown Publishing. You can follow her here on on Twitter: Amazon Author:

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