Tuesday 29 March 2022

Letter to Madelyn



by Henry Lewi


iced cold water only



My dear Madelyn

   I hope this letter finds you well. I suppose you really aren’t – I mean who isn’t going to be OK after being abandoned without a word at the Country House venue for our wedding.

I’m sorry not to have called either before or after the supposed wedding date but things got out of hand and a bit carried away. It really was all the fault of my Best Man Gary who arranged a long weekend - well a week in Las Vegas for all 10 of us and all I can say it was great fun, but we got a little bit carried away.  What little of that week I can recall was that I met a barmaid - Arlene that’s her name in the Millionaires Bar at the MGM Grand and during the week of drinking, gambling and fun Arlene and I were married by Elvis in the Chapel of Love. I thought this was a joke, but I now know that this is totally official and sometime during the week I signed over all my assets and property to Arlene who promptly lost them on Red 7 at roulette. Now penniless Arlene and I have settled down in a Trailer Park on the edge of town and what’s more Arlene is now expecting Triplets.

What more can I say except Sorry.

  It was all sudden and unexpected and as I look back, I realise it wasn’t such a bad decision after all who wants to marry a Billionaire Fund Manager’s Daughter or continue in a career as a Professor of History at Oxford – as they say ‘Carpe Diem’.

I write this from the CCU of Mercy Hospital in Las Vegas – the Doctors say it’s all the stress my 50-year-old body has experienced.

I don’t suppose in memory of our friendship you could lend me $50,000 for my medical bills.

I wish you all the best and hope you remain in good health.

Yours as Ever


About the author 

Henry is retired doctor who writes short stories and has previously published on the Café Lit Website

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