Tuesday 15 September 2020

Ace Of Hearts

by Kay Donnelly

Irish Coffee

I had my eye on you the very first night you joined our club.
Suddenly Bridge had become more interesting.
But how to attract your attention, that was the problem.
Must develop a strategy,
Be ready for the night our paths would cross,
As cross they must.
I took lessons in secret, learned a trick or two and waited.
At last the night came when we met at table six.
You were North and I was West,
Bidding like a demon, but you won the auction :
Four Hearts—Vulnerable, Game on.
You finessed, you ruffed, you trumped,
But I had a trick or two up my sleeve.
Result, you were down one.
“You should have made the contract”
Your partner said.
I looked you straight in the eye,
“Bad break of the cards” I said,
‘I had all the hearts.’
Looking at me intently, for the first time,
“Well Defended” you smiled,
“We must have a game  some night soon.”
Mission accomplished, 
Let the games begin.

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