Friday 1 November 2019

No Laughing Matter

by Paula R C Readman

Bloody Mary

Periodontitis is a real problem that someone like me shouldn’t have, especially when I rely so much on my appearance. Bad breath can be such a killer with the ladies. It is difficult enough to look after your gums at the best of times.

I used to live in the lap of luxury, having access to the best of everything. Now that I’m living in a tiny crypt, if one can say that after death, I don’t have access to a bathroom, only a dripping tap in the graveyard.

I know we vampires are not renowned for having a great sense of humour, but it is no laughing matter, when every time you sink your teeth in, they come out.

About the author

Paula R C Readman learnt ‘How to Write’ from books which her husband purchased from eBay.  After 250 purchases, he finally told her ‘just to get on with the writing’.  Since 2010, she's had 34 stories published and is now busy editing her crime novel again.


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