Sunday 9 December 2018

The Nativity Play

by Lynn Clement

sweet sherry

The Virgin Mary has wet her pants
And Jesus is in a puddle,
Joseph is trying to tidy the barn
But he’s getting in a muddle,
The donkey is kicking a wise man’s leg
And the tea towels are all frayed,
The shepherds are pulling at their frocks
That their mothers have lovingly made,
Angels are dancing, their wings in a tangle
They clatter into the crib,
An inn keeper enters right on cue
And he begins to add-lib,
‘There’s no room in here,’ he says with a shout
‘I can’t afford to keep you.
You’ll all have to go I need this barn,’
Then the cow begins to moo,
Miss Jones is frantically playing the song
The one with the clippety-clop,
Dressed as a star, a kid enters the show
And she asks the crowd for a mop,
Everyone laughs and the parents cry
Another triumph for Miss,
The kids take a bow and beam through lost teeth
Their families blow them a kiss,
Miss Jones wipes her brow with a sodden cloth
Thank God that’s done for the year,
She smiles benignly at the throng,
Then heads to the pub for a beer.

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