Monday 20 August 2018

King Kong

by  Susan A. Eames 

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Soft focus. The city coalesced out of the murk. She sat in the back of the yellow taxi, straining to pick out famous landmarks as they crossed the bridge. Landmarks she had seen in the movies since childhood. But they paled into insignificance against the one particular building she had come to see.
'Your first time?' said the taxi driver.
'Yes. I must see the Empire State Building.'
How could she explain how her first cinematic experience had impacted her life? How she had screamed in unison with the beautiful actress Fay Wray when she saw King Kong for the first time. 
Eighty years!
And there it was. Breaking through the fog. So majestic.
'Could you slow down, please?' she said.
'He doesn't exist, Ma'am.'
'The big ape. You won't see him up there.'
The old lady laughed in delight. 'No, you're wrong. I can see him already.'

About the author

Susan A. Eames left England over twenty five years ago to explore the world and dive its oceans. She has had travel articles and short fiction published on three continents. After several fascinating years living in Fiji she has relocated to West Cork in Ireland .
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