Thursday 8 March 2018


Roger Noons

a large latte

Seemingly dressed by a charity shop in mismatched polyester, the woman catwalks past the shops. Her brown suede, two inch heels struggle to balance her size fourteen clad in orange, pink and bottle-green. She settles at the cafe beneath an octagonal canopy, where slanting beams spotlight uncleared tables.
    Ignoring a self service notice, she waits until a work experience teenager nears. ‘I’m ready to order my dear,’ she coos.
    Although caught in two minds, the girl approaches. Uses the stub of a pencil to write on her diary sheet a large latte and a jam doughnut.
    Smiling sweetly, the woman offers a coin. ‘I might have to dash off, so here’s your tip.’
    The girl looks like she might cry when she approaches her supervisor.
    ‘Not to worry Becky, Lady Mary’s eccentric. We’ll put it on the bill for the Hall as usual.’

About the author 

Roger has had over 100 pieces published on this site. His volume Slimline Tales has recently been published by Chapeltown Books.

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