Friday 30 March 2018


by Janet Bunce 

carrot Juice

There was a series of loud thuds. All the creatures in the forest gathered together. Rabbit shouted ‘Remember what time of year it is’ but the others all looked confused. 
The tortoise shook his head- rabbit always got over excited when there was loud noise. The mice drew themselves closer to the foxes - whatever was happening they needed to feel secure.
Out from the undergrowth they came. Two large Jacks eyeing up one another. Each looked fearless but the fists were out. Punches were exchanged at an alarming pace. Rabbit said “Mad March Hares; Roll on Easter and Bunny time!”

About the author

Janet lives in a quaint market town in North Essex. She works in Financial Services and enjoys writing and wishes that she had more time to write more often! 

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