Wednesday 2 August 2017


Roger Noons

two martinis with lemonade.


Avril was leaning towards the mirror, touching up her lipstick. She heard rustling followed by the flush and a click. The cubicle door opened and Mavis emerged. ‘Hi,’ she said stepping alongside and turning on the tap. ‘All set?’
    After checking her gurning reflection, she turned to her fellow soprano. ‘Think so, you?’
    ’Mmm ... Mind you I’ve had a look at the score for the chorus. Not sure I’ll make those high notes in this top.’
    Head on one side, Avril studied the garment. ‘Suits you, but perhaps it’s more for attracting than singing. You could pop out. Not sure Greg would mind though. He always likes you in the middle on the front row.’
    Mavis sighed. ‘I doubt you’ve much chance either, in that skirt.’
    They laughed in unison.
    ‘What say we go to the pub instead?’
    ‘I’ll vote for that,’ Avril giggled.
    After leaving the Ladies, they linked arms and walked away, leaving the rehearsal to those more appropriately dressed

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