Saturday 4 February 2017

White Bits

Roger Noons

a large glass of Verdejo

The man walked up to the swimming pool and dived in. He swam twenty lengths varying breaststroke with crawl. After heaving himself out at the deep end, he stood, posing, allowing the sun to dry his skin. After two minutes he strolled a dozen paces and stood alongside a sun lounger on which a woman was lying on her back. 

    ‘Excuse me,’ he said, but I couldn’t help noticing how attractive you look in that turquoise bikini. If I’m not interrupting, I wonder if I might buy you a drink.’

    ‘Why, thank you,’ she smiled, ‘a glass of white wine would be delightful.’ While he was at the bar, she repositioned the bed so that when he returned she was sitting, having drawn towards her a small table. He placed the glasses on the table and collected a chair.

    ’Cheers,’ he proposed.

    ’Your very good health.’

    They chatted about the resort, excursions they had been on and various holidays they had each taken in the past. As she finished her drink, he said. ’Would you like another, or …’ after he had looked at his watch, ‘shall we have lunch and we can have a bottle?’ 

    While they feasted on a mixed grill of fish, one bottle of Verdejo was followed by another and by four o’ clock, when they had finished their ice creams, they were completely relaxed. Moving closer towards her as the waitress brought their espressos, he whispered.

    ‘I’d love to see your white bits.’

    She smiled, winked and said in a loud voice. ‘I’ve already seen yours, did no-one tell you to remove your wedding ring before sun bathing?’

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