Friday 10 February 2017

Happy- Hour

Happy- Hour

 Cathy Leonard

Rusty Nail (see recipe)

1 ounce Scotch Whiskey
1 ounce Drambuie

Pour over ice cubes and stir

You preferred a Rusty Nail to a Screwdriver in a Saint Louis Highball Glass.
But your special favourite was a Corkscrew in a Double Old- Fashioned.
Shake well and strain into pre-chilled Double, then add a slice of lime.

When you left I didn’t need ice to chill it.

And every Friday night I mix, shake and stir:

A jigger of frogs’ legs, thorns of birr
A pony of beetle-juice, dragon-scale light
A twist of spittle and a dash of spite
Top with a Catherine wheel,
Add a wedge of venom peel

And there you have it-
A Screw-U  

About the author 

Cathy has been writing and teaching for over thirty years. She has published poetry, short stories and children’s stories and has been shortlisted for a number of awards, most recently runner up in the Fish Flash Fiction Award 2013 and the Sceine Poetry Competition 2014. She had a short story selected for publication in Baubles 2016. Cathy lives in Dublin with her husband Stephen, two adult children, Molly her trusty red-setter cross and their new arrival- a stray one eyed three month old kitty- Sherlock. Now all we need is a Watson!

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