Thursday 10 March 2016

100 Worder: Bite Marks

100 Worder: Bite Marks

Janet Bunce

Bloody Mary – chilled

There was no doubting the marks on the body.
            Teeth to be sure.
            Some learned local said they were from a wolf.
            Another said a bat or maybe a large dog.
            Whatever the source there was great discomfort in the village.
            Years ago there had been a number of attacks.
            Several had died from bite wounds, torn apart around the neck.
            Rumours prevailed about a vampire but then it all suddenly stopped.
            It was just a rabid dog they then concluded.
            What they had not remembered was the visiting freak circus – back again and amongst its performers Countess Marie Dracula.

About the Author
Janet Bunce works in financial services but loves writing and hopes to achieve more in 2016. She is very pleased with her inclusion in the last two editions of Best of CaféLit.

Published March 10 2016

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