Friday 26 February 2016

100 Worder: Cry For Help

100 Worder: Cry For Help

Jenny Drew

Stewed Tea

Jim saw the piece of paper slide out from under the door. He checked if Marcy had seen it but she wasn't in the room. He grabbed it as she came in with a cup of tea.
            The note simply said 'HELP'.
            Lucky for him Marcy hadn't seen it, too bad for the girl in the cupboard, she would pay for that. Soft crying could be heard. Jim looked at Marcy ready to explain.
            'You'll need to get rid of that girl, Jim'
            Jim looked at Marcy in surprise, smiling she walked over and handed him the hammer.

About the Author
Jenny runs Basildon Writers group and has written two novels. When she is not writing she is happily creating multimedia art and lives with her family in Essex.

Published February 26 2016

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