Wednesday 16 October 2013

100 Worder Dishing it Out

100 Worder

Helen Laycock

Dishing it Out

A mug of hot broth with a kick

Mary scooped a handful of gunk out of the waste disposal – onion skin, flaccid black lettuce, strings of carrot peel and a melded mush of cornflakes, all bound together with bluish mozzarella.
A bit like John's eyes.
            The blob sat heavy, like an overfed toad, in the palm of her Marigold and it
was with a significant amount of force that she bowled it into the pan.
Having rubbed a potato around the toilet bowl, she chopped and added it,
then tipped in the water from the dying carnations.
Cheap. Just like Kiera.
John enjoyed his soup that evening.

About the author
Helen Laycock has written nine books for children as well as having put together two compilations of short stories and a collection of humorous poetry for adults. In addition, she has work included in an anthology produced by her online writing group. She has also had success in various competitions.
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