Monday 17 December 2012

A Splash of Summer in the Winter

A Splash of Summer in the Winter
James Foreman
Summer Fruits Cordial

Schools out for summer.
 Could it be a more perfect month for it? As I sit in my office, finishing a piece of work with a five o'clock deadline, I can't help but stop and stare at the myriad of enticing beauty on the other side of the window. There is something special about this month and everything that accompanies it.
        I shift my weight slightly to get a better view of the life and lives passing through the city, blissfully ignorant of the current economic struggle we appear to be in.
A field (I'm not sure of the name) is in full bloom. If I'm being perfectly honest I don't even need to know the name. I can see from here what it represents. Children kick footballs around, shouting and laughing. Birds nest in the trees and sing in harmony as they build their nests. The buzzing of worker bees can be (although not willingly) heard as they fly from flower to flower. The smell of freshly cut grass is even distinguishable amidst the smog infested industrial estate at the opposite end of the field.
        A boy breaks away from the rest, running over to some daisies. Working with incredible speed, he picks himself a little bunch and runs over, grinning from ear to ear, to a group of girls about his age and hands each of them a flower. They all giggle and jump up and hug the lad.
        I can't help but smile.

Author Bio:
James is an English and Creative Writing student with a love for all kinds of literature. He dreams of one day writing something inspirational and educational - so that all who read will understand more about themselves, and more about the people around them.

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