Wednesday 4 April 2012

A Splash of Perception

                                                        Madeleine Maddocks

                                                     Black americano with sugar  

Independence sang through every cell of my body, as I climbed into my new little white car.
         “Good luck at the interview, darling” Matt said, giving me a quick kiss “Be careful”
           I grinned, rolling my eyes. “I’ll be fine. I’m a fully licensed driver now.”
          “It’s frosty, there could be black ice”
          “Little Monster will keep me safe” I smiled, driving off with panache.
The brittle, spring sunshine brightened the windscreen, as I got my Americano from the Drive-Thru and wedged it in the storage well, before setting off for my interview at the Abbey bookshop. I had bought the Mini from a friend-of-a-friend, so it must be safe and it still smelled of her. The MOT wasn’t due for months yet, which suited my budget.
Down a steep hill, my right turn rapidly approached, the road curving sharply to the left. I applied the brake. Nothing. I knew I needed to stop to avoid the oncoming traffic. I braked harder, still nothing. Instinctively I grabbed the gear stick. Gearing down from fourth to third to second I flew through an opening in the traffic like a keystone cop. As I pulled up at the kerb, applying the handbrake, my coffee launched itself into the passenger foot well, emptying its contents onto the mat. My hands were shaking as the delicious rich, dark aroma filled my senses. Glancing up to my left I spotted the sign: MOT and Auto repairs. Little Monster had kept me safe, after all.

Madeleine Maddocks reads lots of different genres. Having started a writing blog in Aug 2010 she has had lots of fun practising her prose, poetry and haiku as well as flash fiction.  She also loves decent coffee and enjoys textile crafts and has always loved to write and create her own books and magazines.
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  1. The car was just trying to show it needed attention!

  2. What a thrilling ride for me! Glad it worked out.