Monday 8 November 2010


By Jane
Black Americano

The Arum lilies were beautiful. Stems, brightly green with exquisite cream flowers. She loved the way they curled and the strength of the stems as she held them. A strand of ribbon binding the six lilies together. She clutched them tightly, breathing in deeply, allowing the floral scent and emotion to fill her senses.
Her eyes were closed. It was her wedding day, every little girl's dream. It was to be her perfect day. With eyes closed, Christie remembered the days in the run up to the wedding, of visiting the small, family run cake store to check on the cake prior to delivery. Trying on her wedding dress to obsessive levels, watching how it flowed around her body as she danced in front of the mirror. The white bodice and capped sleeves, showing her tiny frame perfectly, whilst the drop of the silk from the bodice, swam around her slender legs, giving her the feel of a princess. She had also shopped for thank-you gifts for her two bridesmaids, Sarah and Lucy, friends since the first day of infant school, at just five years of age, when they were all pigtails and frilly socks.
Now she also had Jonathan in her life. She first noticed him when he started working in the large conveyors offices. She noticed his tall frame, dark styled hair and endearing smile, the minute he walked through the large antique wooden framed doors. She figured he was out of her league. Not only was he incredibly handsome, but he was kind and softly spoken. The day he asked to take her out, had been, a really bad day. She had been passed over for promotion in favour of an unknown candidate. She was upset and left early for a strong sweet fix in Chloe's coffee shop. Her favourite place. This was where she was sat when Jonathan walked in. Christie hadn't noticed him enter as she had cocooned herself into the corner of the shop as tears flowed, as out of view as she could possibly be, sitting with her back to the rest of the shop in an effort to hide the demented panda look, the running mascara was creating.
He had sat down quietly in front of her. He didn't say anything, he just sat and looked at her. Bewildered, she gave an uncertain smile and at that, he quietly took her hand. From there, conversations, picnics, restaurants and days filled with laughter ensued, a journey to this point. The point where she was stood in the doorway of the old church about to marry her perfect man. She could see the guests, the colours and smiles as she stood waiting to walk down the aisle towards Jonathan. The joy and emotion was tangible. It felt warm and sure, slowly caressing her as it enveloped and secured her.
She looked at her father, the man who would give her away, traditionally handing her to her husband, who would be waiting for her at the altar. She lifted and touched the flowers to her nose, taking a moment in the fragrance and feeling the heat of love. The softness of the petals caressing the tip of her nose. The sweet scent stirred something in her.
She opened her eyes. Confusion welled up, a deep knot from her stomach, churning up into her chest, up welling, taking her very breath from within her. She held on to the strong stems, soaking up the scent into every pore of her being, she felt the gentle hands of Sarah and Lucy cupping her elbows and knew it was time to let go. With a breath taken from the depth of her soul, she looked down, deep into the dark hole in the earth opening up in front of her and opening her hands, released the beautiful cream Arum lilies, watching as they fell softly into the ground for her husband, Jonathan.


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