Monday 24 April 2023

Sweet like Benner by Ifunanya Georgia Ezeano, still water

Benner is a dog; a very cute and loyal dog. Edward got Benner from a vet facility.When he saw Benner looking all cute and alone, he loved her and he paid without asking for discount like every other person.


He cared for Benner so much. Benner wakes him for his morning jogging and listens to him snore loudly at night. Bark at his unfriendly friends till they leave the house. They do everything together.

After a while Edward started spending less time with Benner. Even when Benner barked in the morning to wake him up  he would throw his pillow at her.


One day Edward came back and noticed Benner had finished her food. He started shouting at her on top of his voice that he even called Benner a useless dog. Benner was sad all day, lied flat on her belly as she kept staring at Edward with pitiful eyes but he cared less.


Benner tried staying more calm to see if Edward will like her again but he seemed even more distant.

He left the next day without keeping any food for Benner. When she couldn't take the hunger she left home for the street in search of food.


She made a new friend Alfred who bought a cupcake and milkshake for her. They stayed under the tree for days as Edward continued keeping his distance. When Benner wants to go home, Alfred will pat her head and she will run home waggling her tail.

Alfred was walking Benner home one evening when Edward saw them coming. He became very angry.  Why his dog will be wandering like a street dog and following a total stranger? He asked Alfred to stop taking his dog out of his house. When Alfred tried to explain what had been happening, he landed him a heavy slap on the cheek.


Immediately Benner attacked Edward and scratched his knee deeply with her claws. Edward shouted "Bennerrrrr". She ran away from the scene soon after. Alfred went home wondering the kind of environment Benner had been staying in.


Edward sat in front of his house waiting for Benner to come home every evening but she never came back again.


Edward regretted the way he handled his financial crisis and his relationship with Benner. He wondered if he couldn't keep a dog how could he possibly cope with a wife in the near future.

He felt sorry for being so inconsiderate and regretted the way he took Benner's loyalty and love for granted. Loneliness became his daily meal.


About the author 

Ifunanya Georgia Ezeano is an author, writer, and poet. She was shortlisted for British Loft Books Prize for Flash Fiction. She have been published many times. She reads, writes and just wants to live. 


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