Saturday 18 February 2023

Saturday Sample: The Jinn by Mason Bushell, coffee


The Talia and the Jinn

 Enough was enough for Talia, she was done being the victim. She was done getting beaten and bullied every day. The cherry blonde sat cross-legged on her bed, wearing her nightdress. Her emerald eyes shone as she took in the effigy of a creature of myth. A terrifying horned creature of fire, upon a talisman in her hand. The fire demon would make things right. Talia pressed the coin between her palms and uttered the summoning spell. At once her cool room became muggy warm. An orange hue came over the blue walls. Her computer screen blinked out, and the mouse crashed to the floor.

“You summoned me,” said a booming voice, one that sounded quite fed-up. Talia looked about her room, seeing nobody. Shuffling along to her desk, she let her bare legs hang off the bed. They felt warm like the desk was on fire. “Well, what do you want me to do?” said the voice. This time Talia saw him. A figure whose mighty muscles appeared carved from granite. He was fiery orange, dripping in flames. Even his hair was aflame rather like a candle, with him being just five inches tall. 

“I was expecting you to be taller, and more frightening.”

“Huh, they all do, but nobody ever summons me right.” The Jinn folded his arms and looked up to Talia, sat like a giant before him. “You must do the spell when you’re angry, and with destruction in mind if you want the demon to come and burn your bloody house down.” 

“Sorry, I didn’t know. I hoped you could go to my school and take care of those who bully me.” Talia sighed. “But you’re too small.” 

“Really.” The Jinn unfolded an arm and pointed it at her. At once she squealed as her nightdress burst into flames. She was forced to pull it off and stomp it out, revealing her bruised body.

“That was unnecessary, you’re supposed to help me, not torch me.” Talia padded to the wardrobe and pulled her dressing-gown on. 

“Well, now you know I’m diminutive in size but not power.” The Jinn began pacing, his footsteps causing the desk to smoke as he moved. “So, let me get this straight. You want me to go to your school and what, burn it down with the bullies inside?”

“No, I wanted you to find those who hurt me, and burn their homework, punish them and teach them a lesson.” Talia picked up her coffee, and put it down at once, it was cold. The Jinn touched the mug, it was the same size as he was. Inside the brown liquid became to bubble and steam, leaving the girl smiling at him. “You still have uses though.”

“Watch it, I’m not going to be your bloody butler.”


“Touchy, aren’t you?”

“Hundreds of years getting mis-summoned for stupid vendettas does that to a Jinn.”

“So, you won’t help me then?” Talia sipped her coffee, her eyes on the fiery figure, now melting a rubber pig he was leaning on.

“I can’t.”

“Sure, you can, you burned my nightdress.” Talia kicked the still smoking garment with her bare toes.

“Burning a bully’s pants off won’t make them stop hurting you.” The pig suddenly collapsed pitching the Jinn off his feet. “Oh, I wish I could turn my flames off,” he complained while getting up. Talia giggled at him. 

“You’re funny.”

“I’ll be on stage every night at the comedy club.” The Jinn snorted and paced again. “Look bullies attack people because they’re jealous of them, or because they’re the weakest in class. You must figure out which and confront them.”

“Charlie and Paulette are just horrible though. You saw my bruises.”

“I did. I trust your tutors do nothing?”

“They give out detentions. Missing a lunch break never stops them. In fact, it makes them worse.” Talia felt tears prickling her eyes. If the Jinn wouldn’t help what more could she do?” 


“Hey, no tears, that’s not going to beat those bullies. I want you to go to school and catch Charlie and Paulette on their own. I want you to get in their faces and demand to know why they attack you. Let them see you’re not scared, and that you’re going to start swinging for them if they don’t quit. That should stop them.” 

“If it doesn’t, then what Jinn?”

“Well.” The Jinn smiled at her. “If it doesn’t, I’ll go and torch their homework and burn their pants off.”

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