Thursday 4 August 2022

The Day Before the Wedding by Adam Strassberg, Doppio

 The day before the wedding, Alice admitted to Frank in a whisper, “I never imagined that I could fall so madly in love with someone I find so physically unattractive.” She stared directly into his small brown eyes, lovingly, deeply, but, and Frank clearly must have noticed, never longingly.

It was a good marriage. Or at least good enough. Sometimes, with the lights off, and if they did it from behind, Alice could even orgasm. She would close her eyes and forget her husband’s short fat figure. In her mind, she cycled through a line up of the various real men she remembered. Six foot five, tan, muscles, broad shoulders, small waists, long arms and legs, large hands and feet. She would point a finger at her choice for the night and he would come forwards to ravish her. This wasn’t cheating - was it?

Everything worked until it didn’t. After two children, two decades and two times twenty equals forty pounds, she despised her body now almost as much as Frank’s. With the kids out of the house, he wanted to fuck every day, but she lacked sufficient imagination. Besides, the changes were coming. She was dry down there and it mostly just chaffed.

So she bought a large dog to fill their empty nest and allowed it to sleep in their bed. Frank got a new laptop and had their son show him how to use google incognito search. He began sleeping on the couch downstairs, then the bed in the basement. But she loved him and made sure his internet connection was the highest speed.

It was a strong marriage. Or at least stronger than most and still going strong.  He was devoted to her and she loved him. She had never lied to him, or lied with him - at least not not in any way that mattered, technically.

About the author 


Adam Strassberg is a retired psychiatrist living in Portland, Oregon. His work uses the intersection of psychology, religion, mythology and magical realism to explore the human condition. When he's not writing or napping, he often can be found updating his website at 


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