Saturday 30 October 2021

The Good Stuff


by Erica Pugh

iced coffee

He let a puff a smoke escape his lips as he had that toxic stick in between his lips. The smoke curled into the night sky, and he leaned against the chair. He pulled his coat closer to his body, as the night wind blew causing him to shiver. All he wanted to do was work things out with his wife but talking always turned into screaming. He was angry, and it showed on his face. She always pushed him too far and this has done it, he put the cigarette out and went back into the room. There he saw his wife, sitting on the bed hugging her knees. They shared a look, and she knew what he was thinking. She went to get up, as he grabbed his suitcase and began to pack his things.

“Wait, what are you doing? We can work this out.”

“Damn it, Alyssa. No, we can’t, this has to end. Now. I can’t do this anymore,” he said.

Alyssa went and grabbed her husband by the arm to stop him from packing his clothes but he pushed her off of him. She fell to the floor, in shock and felt the tears fall down her face.

“Sebastian, please don’t leave. I love you. So much.”

“I wish I could say the same to you, but I don’t. I am leaving, this is the end. Don’t call me or contact me.”

He began to leave but Alyssa ran to him crying as she back hugged him.

“I am sorry, I know it’s hard. Please, I am begging you. I love you.”

“I don’t love you. Not anymore,” those were the only words spoken before he left the hotel room. Sobs could be heard, but he didn’t look back, throwing everything in the car and driving off. He went to the bar and sighed softly. He had every intention of leaving this small town after he had something to calm his nerves. As he sat down, a old man came to get his order.

“What can I get you young man?”

“The good stuff, I am sure you know what I am talking about.”

“You can’t find that here, sorry,” the old man said. Sebastian was confused as he was staring at the whiskey and the old man followed his eyes.

“That’s not the good stuff,” he said pouring the guy whiskey on the rocks.

“It’s not?”

“Oh no, something tells me you are going through a rough time right now. Just broke up with your old lady?”

“How did you know?”

“Whiskey, is what most men, including myself get. Thinking it’s the good stuff, but it’s not.”

“What is then?”

“It’s the goodbye morning kisses, the laughing and dancing in the kitchen. The kids running around the house. Or the ‘I love you more’ arguments.”

Sebastian leaned closer to the counter as he began to sip his whiskey, he was intrigued by what the old man was saying.

“It seems you been in my position.”

“I have, thirty something years ago. Left my late wife, and the kids because of one bad argument. I came to this very spot, met an old man who told me the same thing I told you. I went back to her, and ever since that day we had a love that never wavered. She died a year ago, but I know she is waiting for me. She is the love of my life. Don’t let the woman you have now go if you are hesitating on leaving.”

Sebastian listened to the old man; he knew he loved Alyssa at least he thought he did. His hand quivered around the glass as he met the eyes of the old man.

“Listen young man, you have one life. You are here to make the best of it, do you have kids?”

“I don’t.”

“Do you want any?”

“I do, so does she.”

“Do you love her?”

Sebastian froze and thought for a moment, memories of the past flashed before his eyes. The ones he and Alyssa both treasured, the day she walked down the aisle. The day he proposed, when they first started dating. He didn’t want to let that go, no matter how many arguments he had. 

He quickly got up and placed the money down.

“Thank you so much, I have to make everything right.” He left the old man and rushed to his car, driving back to the hotel. The old man chuckled softly before fading into the shadows.

“Things will be alright; everything will work out in the end.” The old man said, disappearing completely.

Sebastian got to the hotel and rushed to the room, he knocked, and the door opened slowly. There he saw his beautiful wife, but she had been crying her eyes out. She looked at him and burst into tears again. Sebastian wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly to his chest.

“I am so sorry; I love you so much Alyssa.”

“Really? You aren’t leaving?”

“Never in a million years, you are the one I want to grow old with, have a family with.”

“Sebastian, I love you so much.”

“I love you too darling.”

He leaned down and kissed her sweetly, and she hugged his neck. Small hiccups escaped but neither one ended the kiss completely lost in the moment. 

About the author

Erica Pugh has been writing since she learned how to write. She started out with writing poems, but then progressed into writing stories. She is currently attending Full Sail University to get her degree in Creative Writing, so she can start her own company as a Freelancer.


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