Wednesday 15 September 2021


 by Menderes Dogan

Turkish coffee

Mr. S. Flint arrived in the building nice and early. The receptionist thought he seemed a bit strange, but never said anything. He was there for a budget management position, which was about finding ways to cut down expenses. They called him into an interview room not long after his arrival. Interviewers never asked him a single question, but they gave him the job. These were the only words exchanged.


'Hello Mr. S Flint, sorry but I think you forgot to take the tag of your new suit.’


‘Oh no, I haven’t forgotten to take it off. I will return the suit where I bought it after this interview.’


About the author 

Menderes Dogan was born in Turkey. He writes short stories in two languages, English and Turkish. Writer of “A Pebble In Amazon”



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