Saturday 9 May 2020

Your Strangeness

by PritJ

Coorg filter coffee

During these strange times, talking on the phone with friends has increased in frequency, having taken over from meeting in person. Then, you realise there is only so much sense you can make after a couple of hours of chatter, and one conversation about taking a vacation, tapered into this: 
Friend: Why do they tuck the sheets in hotel beds so tight, all nice and clean and crisp and white. And once trapped in, do guests become mummies, and mouthing unmentionables, in ancient hieroglyphics, to complain, rest as their right? 

Made me blink, twice - sputter into my filter coffee, and led me to think "When we met, we were strangers, then some of you got stranger. It isn't only the times which are strange."

About the author 

PritiJ has lived a life across cultures. She is an outspoken representative of her gender; still unsure whether she represents liberation, or equity, and finds humour, and inspiration for her poetry, in odd places. 

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