Friday 9 August 2019

Leaving Henry

by Pearl Bramble

hot chocolate

Rebecca was fully awake now, but it was still far too early to get out of bed.  She shivered and pulled as much of the duvet over her head as she possibly could, trying to block out the noise of the central heating as it gurgled and clanked into life.  She wriggled sensually into the warmth of Henry’s back.

“No wonder you’re so blessed warm” she mumbled “you’ve pinched practically all the duvet”.  For half an hour she lay there trying to force herself back to sleep, she knew she had plenty of time, but her mind was already racing.

Mobile – car keys – address book …… She checked the items off in her mind.

“No, no – I’ve got time for another half-an hour’s sleep” she told herself.

Cases packed – taxi booked.  Her mind was slowly warming to its theme.

“Two more hours to go before you walk out that front door” it went on.  She knew it was useless trying to get back to sleep and eventually even gave up any pretence.  Turning away from the inviting warmth of Henry and the duvet, she quickly swung her long bare legs out of bed before she could change her mind.  Padding across the deep pile of the bedroom carpet, she stopped on her way to the bathroom to study herself in the full-length mirror.  She surveyed her naked body in the cold hard light of the morning and was pleased with what she saw. The result of the vigorous diet and exercise regime she had put herself through in order to get in shape had certainly paid off.

“Pretty good even if I do say so myself” she murmured.  Her shoulder length black hair swung loosely round her face as she gave a self-satisfied smile.  At 5ft 10” she had a model’s poise and grace and she knew she was looking her best.  Love seemed to agree with her, it had given her skin a softer, warmer glow.

She glanced across the room at Henry, still fast asleep.  For some reason he had never really cared about how she looked, it didn’t seem to bother him one way or the other.  She knew he loved her but somehow that just hadn’t been enough.  Then she had met Mike.  He always commented on what she was wearing and was proud to show her off to his friends.  She’d known him for six months now and had never felt so happy – he’d turned her world upside down.  It had been an instant mutual attraction – only one thing mattered and that was that they should be together.  Rebecca knew six months wasn’t very long but, nevertheless, when Mike had asked her if she would go away with him, she had agreed instantly

She turned slowly away from the mirror and guiltily stole another glance at Henry.  Was it five or six years now they’d been together?  How could she tell him, make him understand that she was leaving him and going away with Mike?

With a heavy heart she moved slowly over to the bed and laid a hand on his warm sleeping body.  She could feel the steady beating of his heart as he opened one eye and looked at her.

“Please don’t look at me like that,” Rebecca said, tears stinging her eyes.  “I’m going away with Mike, please try and understand. It’s only going to be for a couple of weeks, and you’ll be absolutely fine in the kennels!”.

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