Thursday 14 March 2019

Rabbit's Rough Justice

by William Edgar

orange juice 

My name is bunny rabbit and I would like to say that it is unfair that rabbits are at the bottom of the food chain. Why does everybody want to eat us. Where I live there were sixty of us a few months ago and now we are down to thirty. Fox's, dogs, human beings and birds of prey all want to eat us and all we eat is grass and clover and if we can get a carrot it is yummy to the tummy. Foxes creep up on us in silence when we are in the fields and they run at us so fast we have very little chance to get away and dogs are just the same. There is one dog that barks at us before it tries to catch us and we run because we know it is coming. Human beings are the worst; they can fire a gun from a long way off and we just hear a big bang and one of us falls over with a hole in them. Another thing that a human being can do is put nets around the way out of our dens and send a ferret in to chase us out and as we are running away from the ferret we get caught in the net. A young lady rabbit had six baby bunnies and she took them out into the field one day and a big bird of prey swooped down and grabbed two of the little bunnies with its claws. The little bunnies had no chance and they were never seen again. Human beings laugh at us and call us randy because we breed so fast but we have to breed fast because if we didn’t we would soon all be eaten. M.Ps actors and pop stars speak up for Badgers and Fox's but nobody ever speaks up for rabbits where is the justice in that. I would like to say to anyone that reads this if you know where rabbits live throw us a carrot and keep your dog on a lead.  


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