Saturday 23 February 2019

The Daily Grind

by Brandy Bonifas

black coffee

He folds the newspaper and drinks the last of his coffee. Straightening his tie, he kisses his wife and ruffles his son's hair.
“Do you have to go fill cavities and pull teeth today, Dad?”
“That's the daily grind, son. I have to put food on the table somehow.”
At work, he loosens his tie, rolls up his shirt sleeves, and locks the pliers around a tooth. The man it belongs to pleads and squirms against his restraints. “This isn't personal,” he says to the man tied to the chair. “But the boss wants to know where his money is.”

About the author 

Brandy Bonifas lives in Ohio with her husband and son. Her work has appeared in anthologies by Clarendon House Publications, Pixie Forest Publishing, and Zombie Pirate Publishing. To find out more, visit her at or follow her on Facebook at


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