Sunday 19 November 2017


 Roger Noons

a bottle of Pepsi but no straw

‘You wanted to see me, Mr Beard?’
    ‘Yes Harris, come in.’
    Although the teacher stared at the fourteen year old, Peter Harris gazed out the window.
    He cleared his throat. ‘I gather you have been fighting again?’
    The pupil looked at him but remained silent.
    ‘Har … Peter, you need to accept that violence solves nothing. If someone annoys you, the solution is not through your fists. Which part of that do you not understand?’
    ‘Sir, you teach history and many of your lessons are taken up telling us about wars and battles.’
    ‘Yes, but—’
    ‘So if they solve nothing, why fight?’
    ‘There can be some achievement from fighting, but resolution is by talking.’
    ‘Okay, I’ll talk to Jimmy Williams … when he comes out of hospital.’

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