Sunday 8 October 2017


Roger Noons


a glass of Pinot Grigio

‘Do you know her, that woman over there?’
    ‘No,’ I said.
    ‘Why is she smiling at you then?’
    ‘Not me, must be someone …’ I turned, but behind me was a grey wall.
    ‘You do, don’t you?’ Allison accused.
    I shook my head and raised the glass to my lips.
    ‘She’s the one who came collecting for Help for Heroes. What did you give her?’

‘Why did you just blow a kiss to that man?’ my husband asked.
    I smiled in the direction of my action. ‘When I was collecting in Pear Tree Drive, he told me he was a pacifist. When I shook the tin, he told me to clear off. Slammed the door in my face. Let him explain things to his wife.’

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