Wednesday 8 March 2017

Weekend Away

Roger Noons


a perfectly chilled cava

Audrey switched on her phone while Joel was in the bathroom. She giggled as she read the text from her daughter. Sipped from the flute as the words flashed before her.
Mum, where the hell are you? I’ve been phoning for two days. Will you please get back to me. Soonest!
Love Abi, but not for much longer, I’m worried.
    Her mouth changed to a soundless leer and again she picked up the glass of cava. Joel had returned and as he dropped onto the bed, he read the words on her screen.
    ‘You should ring her.’
    ‘And say what? Sorry love, but I’m here in Devon enjoying a dirty weekend with my boss and by the way his wife’s at home in Gloucester pruning the roses and taking care of the greenhouse.’
    ‘You could make something up, I’m sure.’
    ‘Yes but if I present Abi with a titbit, as soon as I see her again, she’ll want chapter and verse and much as I enjoy rolling about with you on a King size bed, I’ve no wish to narrate the experience to my daughter. She still thinks I should remain faithful to her father, although he’s been dead nearly four years.’
    He sighed. ‘Okay, just a suggestion, after all—’
    ‘Not one of your best suggestions my darling, not like your idea of me …’ She rolled over towards him and unfastened the sash on his robe. He groaned as she parted the fabric and lowered her head.
    It was two hours later when Joel was again in the bathroom that Audrey texted Abi.
Don’t worry love, I’m fine. In Devon on business, but have found a little time to relax and enjoy gazing out to sea. Will ring you on Monday evening.
    What Audrey didn’t explain was that the sea she was looking at was painted on the ceiling of their hotel room.

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