Monday 8 August 2016

100 Worder: That FridayNight

100 Worder: That FridayNight

Roger Noons

Just plain Orange Juice

A unique cabaret, just after ten o’ clock on that warm summer’s night. All the street came out and the pubs emptied early after a Midland Red bus became wedged beneath the railway bridge, just yards from Cradley Station.
            ‘Novice driver, mustn’t know the route.’
            ‘Careered past my window.’
            ‘Is anybody hurt?’
            ‘The driver’s run away.’
            Sergeant Bills rubbed all his chins, wondering what to do.
            Behind No. 20 Cokeland Place, William Clift, no bus driver, but a chain maker by trade, didn’t even have a licence, was counting out ten shilling notes.
            He enjoyed a wager did Uncle Bill.

About the Author
Roger Noons contributes regularly to the CafeLit site and his stories have been published in the Best of series (all to date) including having one chosen again for the next anthology due for publication in November 2016.

Published August 08 2016

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