Thursday 9 June 2016

100 Worder: Milk Snatcher

100 Worder: Milk Snatcher

Lisa Williams

Milk served warm

An escaped cow meant we weren’t allowed to play outside. Looking back there were a thousand reasons I should have kept quiet but it was a hot day and too much energy trapped inside on such a morning had manifested itself in mischief.
            The bottles were warm, glass sweated condensation. The comfortingly unpleasant smell of milk-fat hung over us. We sat, pierced our silver foiled lids. Drank deeply. And then, I raised my hand.
            “She took my milk, Miss.”
            “Roberts! Come here.”
            Margaret got a real roasting that day and although she was innocent, she never did lose that nickname.

About the Author
Lisa Williams. Domestic slattern. Obsessive reader. Writes a bit.

Published June 9 2016

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