Wednesday 11 May 2011

No One Can See Where There Is No Light

By Patsy Collins

Drink Choice - bitter expresso.

You think I'm free, don't you? Because you saw me leave, you imagine I
can stretch my wings and fly away from you. Stay away. You think you
set me free - as though you had that power. You do have power. Not
enough to keep me loving you and not enough to release me. But you
could have.

You must find the power.

I did love you once and you loved me. We thought we had a future
together. We have futures still, I suppose. There's more to come. It's
not what you dreamed though. Not even in those dark dreams that made
you moan and sweat 'til you woke and sat staring into the night. A
blackness that wasn't as dark as what you'd seen. I thought then that
you'd seen into my mind, but you couldn't have done. No one can see
where there is no light.

Do you think of me and know I'm not really gone? Do you know that what
you almost glimpse, almost recognise is not a shadow? It's the
silhouette of our love. It's what remains when the love is gone. No
love, but no release. No freedom. I'm bound to you until death do us

And you must set me free.


  1. I just came across this by accident - hadn't realised The Cafe had a blog! (For a writer, I'm not very observant)

  2. This story suits the drink Patsy. Quite dark and ever so bitter. Well done. Not one People's Friend would have:))

  3. Oooh definitely dark roasted with a hint of bitterness!! Loved it! Well done Patsy!! Take care

  4. What I wish I could have said the day that all I had to say was 'Is this all there is?'

    I loved it.

  5. Excellent! I really enjoyed reading this story - very clever.

  6. Thanks to everyone who commented on my story.